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About Us

At Ready Solar we are here to educate, empower and serve our clients. 

First we want to educate you about solar energy and solar basics

Next, we show you how easy and practical it is to

own your own power. 

Finally, we will walk you through this process step by step,

from picking a design and payment, 

until the panels are on your property and turned on.

We will be there weekly in person or calling

to explain the nest steps. 


Finally after installation, we will continue to support you with your solar needs as we are always a phone call away as well as working in your area.

Why Ready Solar?

After working with some of the other Solar companies in the area. I knew I could provide a better service. One that did a better job of informing customers about solar. How the tax credits work, how net metering works, how the financing works.  Do a better job of letting customers know what is going on with their home improvement project. After spending years in the Roofing industry I learned that communication and proper expectations are the key to happy customers. We strive to have the best post sale communication in the industry 

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